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April 07, 2006



How nice! Your dragonfly looks almost real.

As for the concept of "creative flow", sometimes, we just have to wait for the right combination of materials, ideas, colors, tools... It might be quick - or not!


We all love that dragonfly. The big question is how on earth did you do it? It's beautiful. And your stitching...awesome. What freedom of movement. You really should do more stuff like that. And art is a feeling. It is a concept that rationalizes in our minds so that feeling can escape our souls and a physical piece of creation appears. :)


Oooooo - I love this one. I think dragonflies are your totem, you do them so well. And the wispy grasses are so finely done. Definitely explore this technique more, you do it really well. The overall effect is delightful - did I say already how gifted you are?
Can I commission one just like this?

tongue in cheek

you did a nice job, the colors are perfect for such dleicate creatures!


I was just bloghopping and came across your site. Thanks for all the beautiful gallery. I spent a lot of time at your journal pages and your post cards. I've been making post cards today, and yours are very inspiring.


All of your postcards are fantastic - the color combinations are phenomenal. I have been inspired by Virginia Spiegel's cause and started a website: where all of the money I raise go to women diagnosed with breast cancer. I sell postcards and other unique fabric gifts and am always looking for inspiration.

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