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March 06, 2006



OMG, this is amazing! Where do you get all those ideas? Keep od creating (and posting more often!)


That is _such_ a groovy idea! Thanks for posting it. :)

Sophia Hunt

I love your stuff, honey. Pour me a cup will you - I'm on my way over!


I love that. I just talked to a quilt shop owner yesterday about wanting a fabric postcard class and a fabric collage class. They're making me wait until May.

li li

I love your fabric postcards! Do you sell them or would you prefer a swap? :D


I love the tea postcard!

AND thank you so much for my special and wonderful postcard you made and mailed to me. I am going to photo/post on my days off. That was a very special delivery. Kim XOXOXO


I love it! I love everything about it, the colours, the fabric, composition etc. etc. just gorgeous!
From tea addict MissMeshell xx :)


For some reason blogroll does not post when you have a new entry...there are a few others like that too...but anyways, I really like this card.

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