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December 19, 2005



Ha! Man oh man, too few realize all the work and time and planning involved. I'm always running around trying to find the perfect color, perfect fabric, perfect charm...and half the time what I get as a response is sort-of a shrug. So I make things for very few people now, and aim to choose the ones that value the object and the time and the craft. Last year I made a very intricate mosaic--time consuming and expensive to make--and though she seemed to like it, the comments from the group of friends was, "wow, I bet you could sell that for, uh, $75!". I didn't say just the supplies cost me close to that, and I've seen mosaics not even close to that nice for over $500. Whatever. I try.


This is really a lovely piece. I too have taken pictures at the last minute (in a box with the tissue before closing) hoping someone will love it as much as I enjoyed looking for that perfect bead, color, etc to finish. Is this type of fabric orgami covered in one of your Japanese books? I really like the pattern.


I love this one, and I love the one you made me too. You are so gifted with your hands my dear. And I do definitely appreciate the time and trouble that goes into making these little treasures ...


beautiful bag! now if only I was a teacher in your school district ;-) I guess I'll have to learn to make them myself. thanks for a link to the book!


cutie cute bag!

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