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November 05, 2005



Heh! And I thought I was the only one who wants to smack their son during those harsh homework evenings!

I've been wanting to try this freeform stuff for a while. I need to sit and give it a whirl.

le clown navet

What a wonderful idea! And it's already been embellished. You do have an eye for detail. Don't you fear your daughter might covet the lovely funky scarf too? I sure do!


Ok. You need some more of the fuzzy stuff. And purple, you can never have enough purple. More green too would be nice. Hmmmmm pink, yellow and still some more fuzzy stuff. And fringe, lots of finge. And when you're done it's mine. It's time to diversify. Get it out of the house and give to others and let them enjoy your talents as much as your family. Diversify is a good word. It recently got a 9 year old to eat three brussel sprouts and admit they weren't bad. So maybe it will work on your daughter to give up that scarf. Tell her she can have a beaded dragon fly instead. Ok it's a shot in the dark but give me a little credit for trying. :)

Sonji Hunt

We did a swap of these in the yahoo group FAZ and it was a lot of fun. I don't knit, but we were allowed to crotchet. The theme was Earth, Wind, Fire and Water and we made one each to trade. It really was a lot of fun. Your piece is very lively and collage-like.


It looks fun and very "together" in all the different colours. Great work!

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