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October 01, 2005



Isn't it funny that a dog is even attracted to a fruit. We have a mixed breed, Cody. And he loves the blackberries. Last year there were enough blackberries on the new bushes to throw in some pancakes. I went inside ot fetch a container and got distracted by daily life. Cody, however, stayed outside to enjoy the day. Later in the evening I went to get the berries and every one of them was gone. Birds!!!! I was so mad. Took Cody for a walk in the orchard later in the week and noticed more berries. I kept walking and noticed Cody wasn't with me. When I turned around there he was with his doggy lips pulling off those precious berries like they were his favorite kibble. And I thought it was the birds. I wonder what makes a dog like a berry? Have a great fall.

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