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August 19, 2005



Awesome music list. Have tried Kasabian and Pink Floyd but you have to promise to add one to it. Just try Cieli de Tuscana with Andrea Boccelli. Italian love songs sung by a man whose voice betrays a deep passion for his country...and romance. I promise you will not be disappointed. What did you think of Madagascar? It looks great. I need to find a couple of kids to rent tho. Not the kind of movie a 40 year old goes to with her hubby...or is it? :)


What do you put in your magnificient spinach and cheese omelets, (besides the obvious hehehe)?

Sandra (aka croque-choux)

Spinach omelets? I don't know what my son sees in them! I am shamed to admit that I don't like eggs with spinach LOL.
Top secret recipe: Beat an egg with a little milk til it's fluffy, and heat it slowly in butter- Add some cooked spinach and grated gruyere cheese when the egg is about done and heat til the cheese melts a bit. (I use frozen spinach with a little cream, and I would use jack cheese but can't get that here...) Serve with heaps of love, and tell your child that he or she's the cutest thing on earth because they love mom's spinach omelets. Voila!

PS/ for little boys, it also helps to tell them that they will get tall and stong and kick major butt in whatever sport they do if they eat enough spinach omelets...


Where did you get the Bowie cover of Waterloo Sunset? I've been looking for that and can't find it anywhere?!!

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