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July 13, 2005



Three years ago I found out how fast time really does fly. My grandparents passed away 6 weeks apart. All of a sudden the 38 years they were with me was something I wanted to deparately cling to. How fast it went. Later when I found pictures of them when they were little, did it occur to me that 93 and 88 years went by so fast and that even they were someones babies once. :) Keep dreaming!!!


What a sweet, sweet reminder. Thank you.

Lilou's Mummy

Yes - the time does fly. Your little ones are still little, and darling little ones, to boot. Keep them safe in your heart, and keep those milk teeth and wisps of baby hair in a safe place. I loved the photo ...
Don't be sad, think of that lovely text by Khalil Gibran ... "your children live in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, even in your dreams".
Each one of us belongs to a certain time and space. That is just how it is ...

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