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April 14, 2005



I have absolutely no memory at all.. I use these post-its on my desktop.. and they are free! lol.. the best part:)


Well, there is TADA (I think it's where you can write all your lists online and keep them there.

Unfortunately, that means remembering another password... one of the things that I need a postitnote for...

Gailhbaud anne

I don't know if you live in France, but your site is not knewn and I shall give the address to my friend; I like your creativité. If you go in Perigord, you can stop at home; i shall be very happy and you welcomed!!I have a site, but it's not renewed ; I have a shock with "the artist's way" 5 years ago of Julia Cameron; now, I use these technics for the students of the college where I am working like french teacher. I am in a yahoo list and it's stimulating; and also in an exchange of textil cards. The dragonfly is my own surname and symbol! And I love alos your hand stencil; have you bought it in Paris, and where? I have used the setacolor soleil with leaves, and it was not so bad!!
Thanks: I have not finished to read and see your texts and pictures!!!!

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