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April 15, 2005



FABULOUS dragonfly ok I need those instructions missy .... you must search for them ... I love this dragonfly if you lived closer ummm I would swipe it..

Can you email me as I have the exact piece for your wings... will send you some.

btw excellent bird house it turned out perfect.


What a great bug. That dragonfly would look wonderful on my burn-out totes. Have a garden theme in mind and it needs a beaded bug. So hop to it chicky...and find those instructions for Sandy and me. I have an idea for the wings. Will let you know if it works.

And the fabric you refer to is called an irredescent. Good luck in the search.

Sonji Hunt

Beautiful dragonfly. I am crazy for them. When I cut the lawn in the summer, they hum around my head waiting for the yummy insects that get scattered to the wind from the blades. Thanks for posting your beautiful creations.


Fantastic dragonfly. I have only tried beading through the Klutz Books. It was great fun though. Yours is much more sophisticated.


Gorgeous dragonfly! Wonderful job.


I cannot believe how beautiful and life like this is.

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