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March 10, 2005



I'm sorry you lost your art. Swaps are so chancy that way. I don't know how many swaps for fabric I joined, only to get back such horrible junk. I finally stopped. I only did a couple of sewn swaps because of the same reason. People have no respect!

Melody Johnson

What you've made and given away can be remade, and kept. Perhaps you really loved what you did and that could be inspiration for your future works.

Personally I don't believe in giving away art. One never knows if the recipient will appreciate it or conversely feel obligated by it.

Make work for yourself but do share it here on your blog, it is such lovely work.


Yeah, I know... You guys are right. Actually I think I would like to make another piece with a little window on it. The one above opened to reveal a blue sky and a little crystal (upper left). Maybe I kept the pattern...

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