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January 21, 2005



I was so proud of my stash I took a picture and sent it to my sister who has about 15 years over me on fabric collecting...she called to say how sorry she felt for me and would be sending me some fabrics to boost my collection. hehehehehe...but there are days I take my lunch break and go buy a fat quarter or 2 when I'm needing a fix.


I've always felt sorry for women who have to sneak fabric into the house; it's sad to be in a relationship where your creative needs aren't being supported. Especially if they're working outside the home--I know I get cranky when people tell me how to spend or not spend my own money.

The stash is a beautiful thing.


You guys are too much! "The stash is a beautiful thing." That needs to be embroidered and framed... I don't have to hide fabric, I just don't know where to put it all anymore! In the spirit of "International Desk Day" someone needs to start International Stash Day. I'm sure that would be amazing and funny too!


Well at least your addiction isn't illegal!
Crafty Ladies stand united!

Textiles are to be caressed, cuddled, complimented, loved.

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